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Since we began in 2010, we have made continuous efforts to maintain the quality of our products, and we have taken vital steps in making sure that our products are manufactured in an ecologically responsible manner. In order to ensure the quality of our paper plate machine, cake tray forming machine, and other products, we have implemented an integrated quality control system. All accessories are meticulously examined and measured before assembling. Our high precision production equipment and well qualified technicians improve work efficiency and guarantee the reliable performance of our products. Because of our efforts, all Metro machines are CE approved. In addition, collaborating with renowned universities and colleges offers us strong technical support and ensures our company to remain innovative, robust and competitive.

At Metro, we strive to cut costs without sacrificing quality. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with several outsourcing factories nearby. This collaboration saves time and reduces labor costs for our company. Furthermore, our location in Chennai provides us with convenient access to highways, airports, and sea ports, lowering transportation costs for our clients and ourselves. This also allows us to ship our products promptly, and makes it convenient for clients to visit our factory.

To better serve our consumers, all our paper cup machine and die cutting machine come with a one-year warranty during which spare parts are provided free of charge. Operator training services are always available as well. If you have any paper cup forming machine needs, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you.

The world's first fully recyclable paper cup will soon make its debut on the Indian street, in a packaging breakthrough that could eventually divert millions of cups away from landfill.

More than 20 bn cups are thrown away in the india every year – enough to go round the world five and a half times. But few are recycled and nearly all end up in landfill, creating 25,000 tonnes of waste.

Conventional paper cups are made from paper laminated with plastic, making them difficult to recycle. Under EU health and safety regulations, coffee cups cannot be made from 100% paper or cardboard alone. A thin layer of plastic is bonded on to the cup to keep the drink warm and stop the paper from getting soggy. But it is attached so tightly that those cups need special facilities to separate the linings, with almost all recycling plants rejecting the cups and sending them straight to landfill.

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Mr. Venugopal, founder of the 'cardboard' bottle now being used for milk and wine, has devised an alternative to make recycling easier. The Green Your Cup has a thin film liner that is designed to separate easily from the paper in the recycling process, leaving 100% paper which can then be recycled.

The cups can be thrown into paper recycling bins, which will help consumers who are confused about which bins to use.

The company is currently in talks with coffee shop chains and supermarkets in the hope that the product can be rolled out nationally before the end of the year.

The consumer group Which? has criticised retailers' use of "mixed materials" in coffee cups, and urged providers to take more environmental responsibility by giving consumers clearer information about recycling.

Mr. Shan said: "I always thought it was such a waste that disposable coffee cups couldn't be easily recycled. In these times of limited resources and diminishing landfill space, a single-use cup that can't be recycled is an indulgence we just cannot afford. I hope Green Your Cup will make a difference to how people think about the wastefulness of some of our everyday habits.

"You can recycle Green Your Cup with your paper and cardboard and it comes back as a newspaper several times, extending the life of such high quality paper well beyond the half an hour it takes to drink a coffee."

Mr. Sriram said the product was "a major innovation in the beverage industry and we look forward to seeing it become the standard cup that coffee shops and cafes use for those takeaway drinks we all love. This goes to the heart of sustainable business practice and gives us all the chance to make better choices when we buy our favourite drink".